Watsons Bay Summer Frames

October 14, 2012

Occasionally when I’m flicking through folders I’ll come across a set of images that I really like, yet have little recollection of taking such as these from a trip over to Watsons Bay in March when my parents were briefly here. I love framing these simple compositions of every day scenes using a 50mm lens. As soon as we get another nice day like this I think I’ll shoot something similar on a roll of Portra film. As for Watsons Bay, we’ve already made it over there twice this spring and it’s an awesome place to relax and spend the day. I’ve not yet booked a wedding over that way but if you are getting hitched at one of the venues there such as Dunbar House, Doyles on the Beach, or The Gap Bluff Centre and you like what you see, please don’t be shy about getting in touch about wedding photography …