About the photographer

      “ The photos are about the wedding, the wedding isn't about the photos ”

      I’m Rob and I want us to share some amazing memories together! My passion is documenting awesome weddings in an authentic, creative way with uncontrived images… basically, wedding photography without the cheese.

      For me, weddings provide the perfect setting to capture the unique bond between a different group of human beings every week – the fun, laughter & craziness, contrasted with the quiet, intimate, unguarded moments . I ask that couples let me in to their day as a friend and allow me to document their connection in a sympathetic and honest way.

      I want to tell the unique story of your wedding, searching for the small threads at the edge of the main narrative, pulling on those & seeing where they lead. Most of all I aim to create imagery not only showing how the day looked, but much more importantly, how it felt. This intentional approach guides my process across the whole day, meaning that I hang back allowing moments to unfold naturally guided by the personalities & emotions of your day while I search for unique and interesting light that encapsulates the mood.

      I’m based in Edgecliff, Sydney & when not shooting people in love, I spend a large part of my time playing soccer or immersing myself in obscure disco, boogie &  early 90’s deep house.

      I’d love to hear more about you and your plans for your wedding day & discuss how I can be a part in capturing those important moments.  If you drop me a line on my contact form I’ll send over my pricing information & we can figure out a time to get together for a coffee & a chat. Get in touch!


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