The Royal Wedding tonight

April 29, 2011

It’s the end of April and the days of relaxing weekends on the beach are gone for now. The easter weekend was miserable with rain every day, and nothing has changed since. Rain, rain, rain. It’s kinda depressing to see everyone on Facebook raving about the weather back in the UK when it’s pretty terrible here. When moving to Australia you sort of forget that it won’t be sunny and glorious every day of the year.

Hopefully you folks back in the UK will have a decent summer this year, rather than the brief hot spell in April and May and then just dull cloudy days after that. I think our family only had 1 BBQ last year?!

Below is another pic of Na’ down at Bronte after we had helped our friends Gaz and Sarah move into their new place a month or two back. We’re heading round there place again tonight to watch the Royal Wedding (then probably Jenga). We don’t have access to any TV where we’re living right now so I haven’t really caught any of the build up or excitement surrounding the day. Although the Royal Family aren’t of any interest to me, it should still make for interesting viewing and the chance to see a piece of history in the making. Have a good weekend everyone!

Naomi at Bronte Beach, Sydney