January 27, 2011 , Personal


      A few sights from my first week walking around Sydney..


      How’s things going for you guys? Enjoying your first week? I am reading your blog and you’ve got some top photos there. Having a few admin problems with the Australian government departments? I would get used to it if you are going to keep dealing with them. You’ve got some karma coming to you from them for getting your driving licence so easily!! Have you started the Emu Export wall yet. Should reach the roof after 12 months if 6 is anything to go by.

      Your Mum is missing you like mad. You might have to put some of your music together and send it to her so she can pretend you are still there. She should calm down after a month or two. Mine did eventually (well as much as mine is able to calm down). You don’t have to be my FB friend but keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on. And if you feel like a visit you are both always welcome to stay here as long as you like (up to about 6 weeks!!) …… and Dan as well although his girlfriend has passed away so he will need to chat up the Beagle now!!

      Take care


      Hey Rob, things are good thanks mate. Not totally relaxed yet as there’s more to think about than when I have just been on holidays like in the past. Thanks for the photo comments, there should be loads more coming so keep checking back. We were down at Chinese New Year last night and got some good photos there. I have searched in vain for Emu Export, but it appears they don’t know a good beer when they see one over here. Have had to make do with poor imitations such as Maxx Blonde, VB etc. Plus it’s almost all bottles instead of cans so it’s making the wall building tricky!
      Once I’ve got settled and have a few weddings booked it would be nice to get over and visit you guys… and to sample the sweet Export nectar. So thanks for the offer, very much appreciated! When I told Dan about the Beagle, his response was “GET IN!!” I’ll leave you to make of that what you will!
      I was going to add you on FB but I’m blocked so can’t actually see you or any of your comments etc so you’ll have to unblock me. Give my love to the fam’ xx

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