Project 365 – Day 001 – 19.01.2011

January 20, 2011

Hey guys,

I have decided that to coincide with my move to Sydney I am going to start a ‘Project 365.’  For anyone unfamiliar with this, the idea is to take at least one picture a day over the course of a year and post it for people to see.

I guess the idea behind it is that it forces you to get out there and constantly use your camera for a year.  Of course throughout the length of a year, weather and location may not always make it easy so it challenges you to be creative and make do with what you have got.  Plus of course creativity flourishes when it has limits and constraints.

So my first picture was taken in Sydney on my first day here.  Looking down an alleyway I spotted a large painting of a house set against the wall.  This initially sparked my interest and then upon walking down to look at it I came across the amazing scene that I captured below.  I’m not sure what it was there for; whether it is part of the Sydney Festival or whether it is a piece of modern art but it looked fantastic and was just more proof, if any was needed, that Sydney is such a vibrant, exciting city, always ready to throw up surprises.

If any Sydneysiders happen to come across this and know what it is there for I would be interested to hear…