{PROJECT 365 – DAY 068 – 27.03.2011}

March 30, 2011

I gotta confess I kinda cheated on this one. It was raining all day and I was busy working on my website and before I knew it, it was late at night.

This is though one of the photos I had been working on for my site so by a loose connection, could kinda go under my Project 365. I myself took the photo; I had been working on the post processing this day; and in a sense ‘captured’ it from off my screen.

Hell, who cares? I’m not gonna beat myself up over the fact that I didn’t get out and take THIS actual photo on THIS day.

Anyway, there’s something I really love about this photo. Although compositionally it’s awkward with the groom (Justin) heading out of the frame with no space to head into, there is something about the expression on Claire & Justin’s face which really captures my imagination and makes me want to see who they are looking at.

Sydney Wedding Photographer Robert Meredith Project-365-068