{PROJECT 365 – DAY 066 – 25.03.2011}

March 30, 2011

My 365 has really started to take a back seat lately. With so much to do, trying to find a place to live, sort my website, look for work etc; combined with rainy weather it is making it pretty difficult sometimes.

I don’t feel happy just taking a random photo of nothing of interest just for sake of it, but with having no car it makes it difficult to quickly get out and photograph somewhere new and interesting. Exploring by bus or train is an option but that just means more hours away from the computer and even less productivity. I don’t have a flash with me, nor a tripod, so this limits what I can do around the house also.

So today’s shot is that most awful of things, a photo of a dull inanimate object., my laptop.

I’m trying (…and failing) not to get caught up in stressing out about getting a great photo everyday for my Project 365. I look at other peoples and are amazed by how creative and awesome their photos are, and I feel I should be doing better.

I often forget that the whole idea of mine was to document my move to Australia and show how different my life was over here; whilst still trying to incorporate creativity and good photography. I need to remind myself that moving to, and setting up a business in a new country is a BIG thing and that I shouldn’t let that take a back seat to me keeping up with this 365 idea.

If I miss a day or just take a “I was here” photo one day, is the world going to end? No…. exactly.

Oh and if you are wondering what is on the screen it’s my website that I am working on. Should be up in the next couple of days.

Sydney Wedding Photographer Robert Meredith Project-365-066