Hi guys,

I have been running a little behind on the blog posts, as per usual. This means there is about 6 days worth of Sydney Project 365 to take a look through today. Weather hasn’t been that fantastic this past week or so, meaning that we haven’t really been getting out as much or hitting up any new places. It’s meant that sometimes it can be a little difficult to find your creativity, but then that’s what doing this whole ‘365’ thing is about anyway.

I have no internet on my laptop right now, plus my portable hard drive I bought before coming away isn’t taking too kindly to getting swapped between my Mac and Dan’s netbook everyday. Basically it isn’t letting me write any files to it from my Mac. Oh, and my USB stick stopped functioning a couple of weeks ago too! So yeah, having to do the whole edit on one computer, find a way to transfer it to another and then get it all uploaded definitely isn’t proving a smooth process at the moment! Triumph through adversity, and all that though.

As of today I am going to try and get a routine of editing the photo’s each night then uploading in the morning. Should cut down the workload of trying to do several days at once.

Anyhow, I’m about to grab a shower and then head out for some lunch. Enjoy the images guys and as always I LOVE the feedback.

Oh and if you are wondering whether I treated Naomi to a big spend on a $5 Steak for Valentines day…. well nah! we went for a Thai meal instead. Took ages for us to get served, Na’ got given the wrong dish and the pork salad we got was cold and not all that tasty. Maybe we should have gone for that $5 steak afterall!

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