On Monday with everyone back at work we thought we’d head down into the city to try and sort some last remaining errands. It wasn’t that sunny but the humidity was extreme, almost like walking in exhaust smoke. We wandered up and down King Street a couple of times trying to find the Medicare offices and eventually stumbled across it after walking into one of the shopping arcades. Foolishly we only took our passports which wasn’t enough for either of us, Naomi needs her visa documentation and driving license, and I… well I need a load of more complicated things and to fill in a signed declaration stating reasons for returning to Australia and that I intend to reside here permanently. Who would have thought it would be that difficult?

Last year when I was here, down by Martin Place (a street, and also an underground station) there was a massive screen which was showing all the Australian Open tennis matches. Having checked last week it wasn’t there so we suspected that maybe they only put it up for the last week of play; the final is this Sunday I believe. Last year we actually sat down there with a few beers and watched the final between Murray Federer. It was never much of a contest but there was a good crowd all sat and enjoying the game. I was hoping for much the same again this year as it made for an entertaining and different night out that you wouldn’t be able to do back home in Stoke. We went down again yesterday to check and still no screen so looks like it aint happening this year. Oh well!

While we were down there we came across these kids skateboarding in the seating area where the screen normally is. The littlest lad of all, just 11, was being filmed and photographed by his mates while he performed outlandish kick flips down into the seating area. He was skating about 80 yards down the bank before jumping down the drop which must have been taller than he was. He wasn’t landing the jumps a lot of the time but just fearlessly bounced back up, only to head back off up the hill and try again. Such was his audacity, that one elderly lady stopped to ask his friend if his mother knew what he was doing! Haha!

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January 26, 2011
HI Rob Just to let you know i am following your blog...It's great keep them coming :) Take care i hope your carrying your lucky keyring about i am hoping it will bring luck and prosperity for you. Take it easy J xx