"Out In The Yard"

      April 14, 2011 , Personal


      You may have noticed that I haven’t been keeping up with my Project 365 lately. To be honest, I have still managed to grab a photo for most days but I haven’t been obsessing over it so much and haven’t really found much time to edit and get them online. These last few days, as a result of not forcing myself to go out every day, I have wanted to go out and shoot.

      Whilst I was sitting out the back of the house today I decided I would challenge myself by seeing what I could shoot in just a small area. Having restrictions forces creativity; you only have to look at the Hip-Hop producers of the 90’s managed to do with around only 8 seconds of sample time on their MPC’s. Plus with having limited subjects it gives you the chance to re-evaluate your composition and framing to see what looks best. I saw Jonathan Canlas quote someone the other day; along the lines of “You’re never more than 5 foot from a photo opportunity.” So here you have what I managed to come up with in the small yard out back. It felt really good to be shooting because I wanted to, rather than because I felt I had to, and I couldn’t wait to get the images processed after.

      It’s nothing too special but I hope you like them!


      Jose David Cardona


      I can smell that washing now!
      A great set of images 🙂 xxx.

      Absolutely brilliant they are kidder!!!!! What you two going to get then les? X

      Very creative I like it! Xxx
      Yup x5 for sale you want it 😉

      Go check this one folks. Loads of photos rather than the usual one x

      Edwin Mauricio Gallego Brown


      Top photees Chief 🙂 I especially love the b&w one’s of the top loader and the last one of all the washing. x

      Kalavero Numero Dos

      hey bro, such a good pictures! thanx!

      I really like this style, deffo what I’m into right now.

      The washing one seems to be popular. My thoughts are that it’s because it reminds us of being kids and running under the washing out in the garden during the summer. x

      Check out Jonathan Canlas mate. http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/ He’s a wedding / portrait photographer but does a lot of this sort of walk around stuff. Really simple but looks awesome! Especially as he uses film also. Love his work. x

      Thanks man! Glad you like them x

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