Never Mind The Balearics. Part Deux - Sydney Harbour Photographer

      March 22, 2012 , Personal


      Last month I was again asked to be the photographer at this summers (if we can call it that) second instalment of the ‘Never Mind The Balearics’ party. Here is a selection of the shots I captured that day.

      If you like the look of the party and are interested in having a great day out on the harbour, dancing in the sun to disco, house & boogie the next party will be taking place on the 28th of April. Check out the website here for more info & them tickets.

      For anyone who attended the party there will be a greater selection of images posted over at my Facebook page over the weekend. If you click ‘like’ to become a fan you’ll then be able to tag, comment etc.


      Some crackers there Rob! xx

      Looks great, Mr. Meredith!

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