November 3, 2011

My new flash arrived earlier today so I pulled out the camera for a few quick test shots.

Naomi as always was my (un)willing model. I liked this one as it’s got a bit of an American Apparel style vibe to it. Plain, harsh, on camera flash, although not quite as raunchy as their famous ads. I’m not too sure Na’ would be up for that.

I have just this week booked another Sydney wedding for November 2012 & have also got a combined family portrait session & baptism (of twins no less) coming up next week so some really cool things are starting to happen over here. It’s tough sometimes having had to start everything afresh in a new country but it makes it all the more rewarding when you feel your hard work is paying off. Plus I’m loving the journey so who cares about the destination for now?!

Naomi American Apparel