I LOVE FILM – My first roll of Portra…

June 2, 2012

I’ve been intrigued about shooting film since first coming across Jonathan Canlas’ work and seeing the beautiful colours, dynamic range & luminosity; there’s just something about the images that you can’t quite get with digital. I’ve since picked up a medium format Holga, bought Naomi a 35mm Holga for Christmas, and she’s had a couple of rolls developed. The images below were shot on one of my Mum’s old Canon EOS 3 cameras that she used for weddings before switching to digital.

I couldn’t wait to get these printed down to the fact that I started shooting the roll around Christmas 2010, just before moving out to Australia. The camera wasn’t shipped out to Australia until a year later so I didn’t have a clue what would be on the first half of the roll. That is of course, also a big part of the magic of film, having to wait to see how the images will turn out. Although I enjoy the versatility that digital gives you in post processing, sometimes it’s a case of analysis paralysis with too many options. I love the fact that with film, your main decision is what film to use and where to have it developed, and once that’s done you get back rich, complete, gorgeous looking images.

The roll was developed, printed and scanned at Big W for the bargain price of $12.90, and as to be expected for that price the quality and white balance is a bit suspect in places. I’m pretty happy with how they have turned out though and will definitely be shooting a lot more film going forward.

Oh, and hasn’t Naomi’s posing developed in the past year?!