Humble Beginnings

October 15, 2011

Not too long back, just a couple of days after we have moved in to our new place in Elizabeth Bay, I was stuck waiting for the phone line man to come and install our internet. Confined to the apartment with no interweb or TV, and having been inspired by many of the eery & moody images currently being exhibited over at ‘You Thought You Knew You’ I thought I would try something similar.

They are quite different in mood and style from what I normally shoot but I think it’s very important to challenge yourself and try something different. I have tried to convey the starkness and emptiness that moving in to a new house in a new country brings. No furniture, no TV, no internet, no food. Just me and my camera.

I hope you like & as always comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.


CANON 35MM F/1.4