Friday the 13th – Sydney Wedding Photographer

May 13, 2011

Tonight I went and met Naomi after work for some tea, so took my camera along and grabbed a few shots on route. Nothing too extraordinary but the light was pretty sweet and made for some dramatic views through the city. Just chucked a few images together and funked about with the processing. Low contrast and pulled blacks to get that faded washed out filmic (is that a word?) look. Not quite a full moon, which was a shame with it being Friday the 13th and all.

For tea (or dinner if you’re a bit posh like) we hit up a place named Burger Joint. I’ll post more on that tomorrow.
Then we stopped for gelato ice cream on the way back.
Then Na’ just had some toast.
Oh, and now we’re eating caramel slices in bed.
But hey, it’s the weekend! Why not go wild.

…………. we’ve got Burger Rings & chocolate too.