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      January 25, 2011 , Personal


      Last night I invested in an awesome premium blog from ProPhoto Blogs (http://www.prophotoblogs.com/). Their theme gives you complete freedom in how you want your blog to look and is simple to edit via a smooth, easy to understand back end menu system. I’ll provide a complete review once I manage to get my blog looking how I want it and have had chance to take a look at more of the features.

      I would be interested to hear any feedback you guys have on how it is looking at the moment. I am having to edit it all on a 10inch netbook screen right now which isn’t, ideal but my plan is to get the main layout sorted then tweak it later once I get chance to get online with my Macbook.

      So please leave any comments below or drop me and e-mail.

      Off over to a friend’s this evening for a BBQ in anticipation of Australia day… hard life….

      Much love


      Hi Rob,
      really liking the feel of it , not sure about the choice of background colour though i feel it’s a bit wishy washy but hey you are in touch with what the younger generation are into, the more i look at it the more it grows on me. Thinking of getting one myself pretty soon just gotta get some overdue albums out of the way first, back out on the road this weekend at Peckforton Castle a really cold day has been given out for Saturday…great!
      Really looking forward to seeing your images as they always amaze me and I can see where you are going with it all, very proud of you.

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