Birthday Portraits

      June 12, 2011 , Personal


      It was my birthday Thursday and Naomi had booked the day off work. I’d been wanting to head back to one of the spots I shot at with Jacob & Jose a few weeks back so we took a walk through Surry Hills to find it. There’s an overhang preventing unflattering light from above and then there’s a big white wall which acts like a huge reflector. It gives absolutely awesome light for portraits. With it being my birthday and Na’ being off work I thought it would be a good chance to get few nice shots of us both.

      After that we had a great day around the city. Started off with coffee and a cake (biggest vanilla slice ever!), then we did a bit of shopping, followed by Spice I Am (Thai) and the cinema to see ‘Super 8.’ If you ever go to Spice I Am check out the Pad Prik King Crispy Pork Belly. Bit of a tongue twister but it was delish’!

      I’ve had a couple of people contact me recently asking about my post processing. I’ve really started to feel comfortable lately with where I am in that respect, all those hours spent fiddling with curves in Photoshop feel like they are starting to pay off. For these shots I just applied a pretty basic adjustment in Lightroom; then in Photoshop used a combination of 2 curves to even out the tones and make it look more like film. If you have any questions or want a better explanation just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll try my best to help out.


      Canon 5DMk2 – 50F1.4


      hi, just stumbled across your site, lovely stuff. I’m your new blog stalker ;-).

      very nice indded rob =] naturally lit photography will always beat workshop photography.

      Very nice! You seem to have a unique look here. Rad hoodie by the way!

      Rearrange following into well known phrase or saying ‘blocks the off chip old’. Stunning portfolio! S&S

      Heck yeah man these are great! Loving the direction your processing is headed, keep it up!

      Both fine thanks Rob… just finishing the last musical project and then I’m recording my friends lads band. Great guitar player and has already landed a ‘Hot Chick’ to boot!

      haha! cheers Steve. Hope you are both well and enjoying the summer 🙂 x

      Cheers JV! Can’t wait to see what you come yup with on your trip. x

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