Beach house weekender – Jervis Bay Photographer

December 10, 2011

Last weekend Na’, myself and a group of our mates all went down to Jervis Bay for the weekend. Our friend Hayley had kindly planned everything and and organised an awesome beach house for the weekend. The house had a bar, pool table, 2 BBQ’s, many, many bedrooms and last but not least, a ‘rumpus’ room. None of us were entirely sure what to do in a rumpus room but we all made our own efforts to achieve the required level of rumpusing. It was great to get out of the city for a change and I think everyone had a good time kicking back, relaxing, sunbathing, eating & drinking (big up to Gary the chef for taking care of the cooking all weekend). Check out the pictures below.

Thanks to Jenna + Michael for taking care of the driving. Cheers guys!

(assume American boxing announcer voice)