October 9, 2011 , Personal


      I have been very quiet on my blog of late. With it being winter and having moved in to our new house in July, I haven’t really found much time to get out and shoot. I have an engagement session from August that should be up soon, and I am really excited to show off that. In the meantime however I have got to work on a few images from the Sydney Aroma Festival back in July. I hope you like!

      I have a couple more blog posts that should be up in the next few days also so keep an eye out for those!



      Fab rob it makes me want to be there 🙂 very impressed Makes me want go see more, put a gallery on fb not everyone will come over to look at the blog especially if their connection is rubbish like ours, still waiting for them to download after 10 mins, fb is instant xxx <3 them.

      Amazing clicks!

      Thanks for looking and commenting Marco. Your hangglider images are awesome! x

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