March 22, 2013 , Personal


10 days ago, my sole source of income became photography. I went FULL TIME. Tuesday, March The Twelfth, Two Thousand and Thirteen.

That day I had a client meeting set for late afternoon at The Vicinity, Alexandria and looking outside the sun was shining. What better way I thought, to celebrate my freedom from ‘The Man’s’ oppression than going out and doing some personal work. Already I’m feeling a kind of creativity and completeness that comes from being able to completely ‘be’ what I am meant to be. I suck at writing but I want to document this more so my goal is to put down some words on this big move for me next week.

Until then, here are a few images from that first lovely, warm afternoon, spent being able to indulge myself completely in my passion. Enjoy!

Should any of these images capture your heart & you’d like one to hang around the house, you can purchase prints and canvases HERE


awesome shots buddy. Kudos on going full time. Always been a fan of your work. Keep it up.

great shots Rob!

Cheers bro. Hustlin’ all day every day now 😉 x

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