Laura-Jane + Jason - Central Coast Wedding

      April 17, 2013 , Featured


      Earlier that day.

      Last month I was lucky enough to accompany the outrageously talented and generous Lara Hotz to shoot LJ & Jason’s wedding. I came away from it still on a high 48 hours later.

      I’ve never felt more at home with my creativity & capturing the mood of a day than throughout this wedding, everything about it struck a chord. 2 people completely committed to each other surrounded by friends & family that thought the world of them; a beautiful open air reception venue bathed in amazing light; musically gifted guests providing entertainment for the evening & a free-flowing celebration of love not burdened by boring wedding tradition.

      I’ve wrestled with the delete key to try and keep this post to a manageable length but there is just too many images I’m in love with. So yeah, it’s kind of a biggie but definitely worth sticking with right through to the end.

      You should also go check out Lara’s take on the day here.


      As a photographer I think you have nice creativity in Photography. I love it.

      Stunning set. Robert you are defo one of my favourite phoographer!

      Thanks so much man, that’s a massive compliment. Love your shoot with Paula & Mariusz. Killed it! x

      Hey Rob, its the groom of this wedding here. Just wanted to say thank you for the work that you did along side with Lara, we were/are over the moon with the beauty and the quality of the photos! You both just captured the day so perfectly and we will value these shots forever. Your very very good at what you do 🙂

      Amazing photo’s Rob. What a beautiful day. Very nice work.

      Robo you did a amazing job as per usual. Keep it up. You will be going global soon just wait- sooo good. So funny I recognise one of the Bridesmaids. Its a small world when you live on the Coast. Lol.

      Love the Photos Rob. Looks like it would have been a fun wedding…

      Wow…absolutely beautiful photos 🙂 xx.

      Beautiful, beautiful storytelling, Rob. Favorite images are you in the iPad, the little boy between Dad’s legs and the four guys sitting on the log. Great voice coming through in all three. The portraits of the bride and groom are stunning – what every couple dreams of in their photography. Excellent work!


      Sandra Marie Parker

      Brilliant can’t wait for you take picture of my boys!!!

      This is so evocative, I like that xx.

      Jenna K. Fletcher

      omggggeee I cant even begin to comment! the black & white of them sitting in the car, stunning. the sunset shots – GET OUT OF TOWN. amaaaaaaazing. need to be in a magazine. shit, I might even make one of them my desktop photo I luuuurve them! wedding looked like it was an amazing day for all involved! you sir are a talented, talented, hairy fellow, Robert Meredith Photography.

      Absolutely stunning photos! Of what looks like the most beautiful day! You captured it perfectly!!! Bravo! x

      Absolutley stunning! Amazing capture!

      absolutely amazing mate.

      I feel like I was there! some of your best Rob xx.

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