Laura-Jane + Jason – Central Coast Wedding

April 17, 2013

Earlier that day.

Last month I was lucky enough to accompany the outrageously talented and generous Lara Hotz to shoot LJ & Jason’s wedding. I came away from it still on a high 48 hours later.

I’ve never felt more at home with my creativity & capturing the mood of a day than throughout this wedding, everything about it struck a chord. 2 people completely committed to each other surrounded by friends & family that thought the world of them; a beautiful open air reception venue bathed in amazing light; musically gifted guests providing entertainment for the evening & a free-flowing celebration of love not burdened by boring wedding tradition.

I’ve wrestled with the delete key to try and keep this post to a manageable length but there is just too many images I’m in love with. So yeah, it’s kind of a biggie but definitely worth sticking with right through to the end.

You should also go check out Lara’s take on the day here.