Katelyn + Josh – Centennial Park Engagement Session

April 15, 2013

Looking at my blog lately, you might be forgiven for thinking I only do engagement sessions in Centennial Park. There was Caitlin + Paul, Amy + Chris and now Katelyn + Josh. It’s such a popular spot, but I dig the challenge of having to try and work it differently each time and come up with new locations and shots.

I had my penultimate wedding (Caitlin + Paul’s) of the season on Saturday and will soon be heading back to the UK for the month of June to celebrate my 30th birthday and shoot another wedding. I guess I can call myself a ‘destination wedding photographer’ then hey! It’ll also be the first time Naomi and I have been back since moving out to Sydney and already I’m planning an eating itinerary of curry, kebabs, fish ‘n’ chips and chinese takeaways. I’m currently playing football (soccer) 4 times a week to try and pre-empt the effects so we’ll see how that goes.

Katelyn + Josh’s Hunter Valley wedding in July is the first wedding after I get back & from what I know of these guys it should be awesome!