Jenna + Michael - Backyard Wedding Photographer, Sydney

      March 23, 2012 , Weddings


      Loving the shots! amazing mate 🙂

      Just had another little look through these mate. Wow. You’re the best.

      So so so stuning. I’m laughing and crying at these photos! so amazing..

      Oooober stylish couple captured so beautifully… it’s AWESOME! with a capital ‘A’… so fresh and natural! It makes me want to get married myself lol They are so at ease with you too, It defo rocks my boat ‘Rob Meredith mate’ 😉 xxx.

      Maryann Reidy Dole

      They are beautiful and I cried again but tears of such happiness for.
      you both. Robert Meredith did a fantastic job of the day. Miss you.

      Wonderful! You’ve captured the day so beautifully! These pair look so ridiculously in love 🙂 x.

      AbsolutelyBrilliant Mr Robert Meredith! You are very good at this……… chip off the old blocks. xxx

      Kerry Suzanne Wright

      LOVE THEM X Especially the image you have captured on their first dance they are squuezing each other soooo tight x they are so in love 🙂 x.

      Jenna K. Fletcher

      love it mr. meredith, as usual. you’re the best.

      You look so incredibly happy Jenna, congrats!!

      awww isla, so sweet!

      Mary Hulbert Redding

      These pictures made me cry too, the look on her Dad’s face..awwww! What a great wedding and a neat trip MA!

      Philippa Denise Acosta-Valdes

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