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      November 6, 2014 , Weddings


      I’ve spent far too many hours this week trying to collate 10 portfolio pictures for a little photography collective I’m going to be part of. Summing up creative documentary wedding photography in 10 images whilst also leaving room for portraits… hard work! Anyway, I thought I may as well capitalise on all that hard work & make up for my lack of blogging by posting a few of the images that didn’t make the cut here. Featuring weddings in Hawaii, the UK, the Hunter Valley and Summerlees.


      Dude!! Honestly man incredible stuff, can’t wait to see those 10 frames!

      This entire series is beautiful, but I’m especially in love with the second image. 🙂


      Joseph Kwaku Sarkodie

      This is absolutely stunning work!

      Good job bob!

      Fab emotions x

      the bonfire one, amazing. the little girl on the couch, amazing. amazing as always mr meredith!

      Beautiful as always Rob x

      And these didnt make the cut! Cant wait to see the 10 🙂

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