Day 3 of Sydney Project 365 comes courtesy of our first proper night out back in Sydney. Naomi, Dan and myself had a few drinks back at Dan’s place then headed over to Kings Cross, a non-stop 24 hour party suburb affectionately known as ‘The Cross.’ Last year we found ourselves ending up in a drinking establishment by the name ‘World Bar’ a good 3 to 4 nights out of the week so we thought why break the habit of a lifetime and headed on down to Bayswater Road.

Now World Bar is famous for it’s teapots, small (and I mean small..) white porcelain teapots filled with your cocktail of choice. Such is the strength of the mighty brew contained within, that rather than standard glasses, you are given small shot glasses from which to supp from. Should you be caught drinking directly from the spout of the teapot (many have tried!) then you are outta theeerrrre!!

All this information is incidental however, as we just settled for good old BEER…..

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