I’ve been feeling pretty un-creative this past week or so. Actually scrap that, I’ve been feeling very un-creative.

I’m not too sure why. I guess it may have been brought on by how long we have have been in Sydney now. Initially everything was new and we always seemed to be doing something different. Whereas lately with the summer drawing to a close things are getting quieter and there isn’t as many new things to see and do.

With any creative interest, whether it be writing, drawing etc it’s pretty normal to go through phases like this. You look at other peoples work, other peoples styles of doing things and you feel like your’s doesn’t even compare, and this only leads to you feeling even less creative. Sometimes just getting away from it for a few days and coming back with a fresh outlook can be enough to get your creative juices flowing again. Only problem being I’ve committed myself to this Project 365. I’ve been forcing myself to get out there shooting for 50 days straight now and most of the time it’s great but occasionally it gets to 7 o’clock, the lights fading and you realise you haven’t done a ‘365’ shot yet.

I think most of us are our own worst critics but it’s important that rather than looking forward all the time, that you look back and see how far you have come. When I think how much I have improved in the last two years, I then begin to appreciate how much further I can go in the next few years.

Today Naomi has gone out with my key meaning I can’t leave the house. The light is rubbish in here and I have no tripod. So it’s going to require something pretty creative. Watch this space!

Sydney Wedding Photographer Robert Meredith Project-365-050

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March 14, 2011
Mate - I know exactly how you feel, I get like that all the time! Not just with photography but with digging for new music, catching up with my favourite podcasts, blogs, etc etc - there is just so much out there, too many options, that it can be overwhelming. The only way to get through it is either just to get out there and do it anyway or take a break and not feel guilty about it. The 365 thing is notoriously hard to keep up, I don't think I would even get to 50. I also hear what you are saying on your other post about film - it's less stressful as you take the shot and it's done, no OCD about 'have I made the right tweak' etc etc. It's why I like the photographer William Eggleston so much. I saw a documentary which showed him working and he only ever takes one shot of any particular thing and then moves on. Doesn't want to give himself any extra work editing. It's a good approach and he has brilliant work in my opinion. I think that's why I prefer using a fixed prime lens - with a zoom there are too many options but with the prime you've got no choice, just shoot it. Keep up the good work.