You may have noticed I have been playing around with flare and back lighting just lately. I’ve kinda been inspired by a young American photographer named Jordan Voth who I came across on the Canon Forum. He does some absolutely sensational portraits, and both his use of light and post processing are something else! He’s just set up a website and blog so go check him out, he’s definitely one to watch!

So on to the photo. Well last night Na’ and I decided to pop down to China town to grab some food in one of the food courts. I CAN NOT get enough of the place. Awesome tasting food, loads of choice, and about the cheapest meals you can get anywhere in town. True, the setting isn’t the nicest, sat in a food court sharing your table with a load of other people but that’s one of the things I enjoy. There’s a cleaner and more modern oriental food court just across the way in Market City (a shopping arcade) but that one is just too sanitized for me.

There’s something enjoyable about being right in the hustle and bustle of people coming in and out of the food court, the clinks and clangs going on in the kitchen, sizzling hot skillets kicking off that much smoke it causes half to the room to start coughing, and even last night, two of the lady food vendors having a slanging and throwing match. It all adds to the experience! It’s pretty safe to say that more than half the meals I have eaten since arriving in Sydney have been of the oriental variety… I LOVE IT!

Last night Naomi had Sizzling chicken in plum sauce. I decided to try something I hadn’t heard of, Sizzling chicken in Gung Bao (I think) sauce. 2 sizzling skillets stacked high with meat and vegetables with a serving of rice each. Grand total – $18.60! Less than even a backpacker earns for an hours work over here. Bargain!

Right back to the photo; I got side tracked by the thought of food there. So as we were walking down to the city I noticed the sun was about to set and decided to grab a couple of quick photos. Now it’s pretty limited around where we are in terms of photo locations. Even when you have a bit of greenery like Hyde Park it’s surrounded by sky scrapers making it difficult to find a place where you get the low evening sun poking through the trees. Even the Botanic Gardens has the city on the side where the sun sets.

I think this photo came out ok. Na’ isn’t a big fan of posing really although she is warming to it. I couldn’t get her to look at the camera without pulling stupid faces at first but we’re getting there. Her eyes are a little out of focus as she moved her head after I’d locked focus, but I prefer the expression on this one to the sharper one. Any opinions or thoughts welcomed in the comments box down below guys.

We’re off out with a few friend to the outdoor, bring a picnic, sit on the grass Moonlight Cinema in Centennial Park this evening. The viewing is of the ‘Kings Speech’ which I’ve only heard good things about. Looking forward to it.

Sydney Wedding Photographer Robert Meredith Project-365-037

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sandra cripps
February 26, 2011
Did you know you have a beautiful smile x
February 27, 2011
Mmmnnn I'm personally loving your experimenting with flare :-) It's amazing that when I was learning 20+ years ago that this was something that you avoided like the plague because you were told it was not good technique... but why, how things change hey? It looks great for effect when used creatively and it adds such a lovely atmosphere to the image especially of a beautiful young lady. More please...