This shot was taken down by the River Stage at Playground. It was all decked out in what seemed to me, an ‘asian bohemian hippy’ vibe!

The processing style I have gone for on my photos from the weekend is on a bit of a vintage cross processed polaroid tip. To be honest I only took a handful of photos whilst there as with not taking my slr I decided to have a weekend off and just focus on relaxing and having a good time.

You often hear photographers say (sometimes with an air of self importance) that you can take a good photograph with any camera. This is true to a certain extent; a large part of photography is framing and composition. However on the other hand, it’s much easier to take a nice photo (especially if you like shallow depth of field, as I do) if you have fast, sharp, lenses. One thing I find with photos taken on a compact though is that with a little bit of work on colour and contrast then sometimes a vintage touch, they seem to come alive.

Although the vintage look is becoming a little over used and I have shied away on using it in my professional work, I think it can sometimes compliment images taken on smaller sensor cameras. It removes the lifeless digital, portrayal that these sensors give and re-introduces a bit of analog warmth reminiscent of film. I’m not shy in saying that it often makes very average photos look pretty good! One only has to look at the popularity of the iPhone apps Hipstamatic and Instagram to see that this look definitely strikes a chord with people right now.

Sydney Wedding Photographer Robert Meredith Project 365-032

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