This is a view from the journey up to the Playground Weekender on Friday evening. We stopped for a refreshment break and to stretch our legs when we were approaching the ferry area (…. more on that later!) and this was the view out over the river. Although the view from here was pretty majestic it only gave us a small taste of what to expect when we actually saw the venue good and proper!

It was nice to be back out in the rural bush area; it reminds me of my 2 years living out here when I was younger. It’s not that we lived in the bush, but in Bunbury where we did live, it was only a short drive before you were out in the thick of it. When I was over in Sydney last year for 2 months, I never really travelled out of the city area so it was refreshing to see a different side to the east coast.

Me and Naomi have now got a tent so once I have a few weddings and a car under my belt, we can hopefully travel around and explore a little more of this side of the country.

Oh and this and the next few shots at the ‘Weekender’ were all taken with a little 3 year old compact camera. Decided against taking my 5DII as I didn’t think leaving it in the tent would be the best idea. Hopefully we’ll be getting a camper-van next year so I can take my main camera. I didn’t think I’d miss having it with me too much but on seeing how beautiful the camp area was I was disappointed about not having it there.

With a little Lightroom/Photoshop work though I’m happy with how these have come out.

Sydney Wedding Photographer / Robert Meredith Sydney Project 365 - 031

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sandra cripps
February 25, 2011
Naomi in a tent? Camping? I need to see the proof!!