Me and Naomi were down in Hyde Park taking a few photos beside the fountain. I stop to check how they are coming out then when I go to start taking some more shots an asian chap starts motioning at me to stop and pose with my camera. He then had me posing on my own, sitting on the fountain with Naomi, posing with his wife, his wife then taking shots of us with him, and then finally Naomi with the both of them.

It was quite funny and a good unexpected laugh! It turned out they were on holiday from China; he couldn’t really speak English but his wife was able to communicate a little. I like to think that we communicated through the medium of photography though! haha!

After spending around 5 minutes having our photo taken with them, we bid them goodbye and watched as they wandered off and again began to take photos of seemingly every person they saw.

…and here’s a quick snap with the lovely couple I mentioned!

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