Unfortunately todays photo has to come courtesy of my iPhone due to some unfortunate circumstances, of which I will get on to in a moment. Tuesday day I didn’t get up to a great deal on aside from updating my blog and sorting a few things out on the net. In the evening a couple of friends of ours, the lovely Tom and Katie who I met while I was here last year, were having a BBQ in anticipation of Australia Day on the 26th.

Gaz and Sarah were round there with another couple of pommys, Dan and Ryan. Everyone chipped in with food and drink, we brought burgers, buns and beer. Has there ever been a tastier aliteration; I say not! Tom and Katie’s place was on the 7th floor of an apartment block up in the suburb of Potts Point and the views over the city were absolutely unreal. We spent several enjoyable hours eating, drinking and catching up and then headed down to a bar where Tom DJ’s at on Sundays.

On to the bad part. Naomi and Sarah has put their bags down by one of the tables that we were dancing near to. Naomi a few moments later then came to get something out of her bag and it wasn’t there. After a few frantic moments searching the area and asking behind the bar we realised that somebody had lifted it. The bag had over $200 in it, her new camera she’d had for Christmas, her phone, her purse, all her bank cards, her driving license, make up, house keys for Dan’s place, her only cardigan and just about anything else you can think of. I think it must have been some magic bag that holds an infinite amount of belongings as it seems there was more in the bag than she has in her suitcase. Joking aside though, Naomi was really upset as you can imagine and it put a bit of a downer on the next few days. Without I.D. over here you basically aren’t getting into any bars, so it means she has got to risk taking her passport out now which isn’t ideal. It also complicates matters when registering for Medicare (health care) etc as you need more than one form of I.D. so hopefully we can get her a new driving license sorted soon!

So, todays photo would have been from the BBQ but that was on Naomi’s camera. So instead we have a shot taken with my iPhone of the view of Sydney from Tom and Katie’s rooftop. Enjoy!

If anyone wants to contribute any of the below to Naomi, please forward to Room 1. 226 Chalmers Street. Redfern! haha!
– $200
– Phone
– Camera
– Cardigan
– Purse
– Bag
– Driving license… any will do.
– Jamaica beanie hat.. just kidding, she still has that thank god! It was the first thing I asked her when I found out she had lost her bag!

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January 30, 2011
Still looks an amazing view even on the iphone.