Not a great deal to talk about in regards to this photo or the day. Naomi and I, headed down to Bronte beach again as we had such a nice time on Saturday. Gaz and Sarah came down again however a couple of hours after arriving it started to rain and go really windy and cold.

We hauled our asses back into the city and there was this bit of graffiti near to Dan’s that I had noticed a couple of times before.

Sunday night we just chilled out at Dan’s and watched ‘Lost.’ Although I haven’t technically being doing a lot since Christmas, the constant eating and drinking combined with all the stress of planning and sorting the move over here means that I haven’t felt fully charged for a while. With Australia Day approaching on the 26th (Wednesday) I decided to just relax for a couple of nights to get over the last bit of jet lag and be fresh for the big party! Bring it on!! 🙂

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